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Fast & Free Shipping On All Orders
Fast & Free Shipping On All Orders

About The Team

The Floor Scrubber Outlet Is A Customer Service Company

We started The Floor Scrubber Outlet to provide businesses with the same effortless buying cycle that folks receive when buying household products. 

The pain point we discovered recently was that business owners are lacking an easy, fast & transparent way to acquire necessities to run their business. Let us do the heavy lifting, it's what we're here for 🙂

Our passion is in serving businesses. We have the utmost respect for teams like you & want to guide you in securing essential cleaning products for your day-day needs. 

We really enjoy seeing photos from The Floor Scrubber Outlet in action. We love it so much that... (when provided) - discounts are always included on your next order 😎

Introduce yourself to our chat support team, we can't wait to meet you!